Will Ronda Rousey Be The Next Raw Women’s Champion?

nia Ronda.jpgLast Monday, Nia Jax challenged Ronda Rousey to a match at Money In The Bank. While MITB is still a number of weeks away, no doubt Ronda is training extra hard so that she can take her career to the next level and become women’s champion.

In the two months that Ronda has been apart of the WWE, she has run through opponents such as Stephanie McMahon and aligned herself with wrestlers like Natalya. While there had been doubts about her being able to cut promos, she has managed to improve in that regards. She looks a lot more comfortable in front of a mic and on camera. No doubt Ronda Rousey was charismatic and confident in the UFC, however the WWE is a whole other ballgame. To be successful here you need a certain fondness for the dramatic and Ronda seems to be getting the hang of things.

Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey have a number of similarities. While Nia has been with The WWE longer, both have had an incredible two months. Nia beat Alexa Bliss at Wrestlemania to gain the Raw Women’s championship. Ronda on the same night faced Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on what was her in-ring debut. Both had great performances that night. Come June 17th, both women will go head-to-head to see who Raw Women’s champion will be. You can catch all the action on the WWE Network.


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